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One of these days, I really will sleep through the night, I think, instead of falling asleep reading at 7:30 (!) and waking up at 2am, fully awake and alert. Bah. I wasn't even that tired. (Though now I feel rather lethargic, oddly enough.) The problem is, I'm not lethargic enough to feel like sleeping...but not really alert feeling enough to do anything but sit around. :/

Meh. So far as complaints go, it's only a minor thing, but still annoying.

Still haven't gotten word on that damn letter. Tried calling today, but it went to a voice mail. Left a message...Hopefully they'll get back to me soon. Computer is still being a bit of an ass. Not quite sure what's wrong with it. Tired of my connection cutting out so much.

I think I'm going to skip looking for Valkyrie Profile Silmeria stuff until I've played through it from now on. To my annoyance, I'm getting pretty heavily spoiled even when I'm just looking for info on the gameplay itself or even just looking at general impressions threads. :/ Be nice if some people actually took care not to spoil, you know, major storyline plots and things. >_>

France beat out Portugal, so it's a France v Italy showdown in the World Cup now. Not quite sure who I'm rooting for. France has the guy with the Best Name Ever (Zinedine Zidane), nice uniforms, and a very diverse team. But Italy has even nicer uniforms, and they haven't won in quite a while, I think. Either way, I think, it is guaranteed to be a good show.
experiment, geeky, Lezard, Mystina, Valkyrie Profile

GIP: "The Lady Valkyrie is not a fish!"

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Ah, yes, and I finally added another icon. I figured now that I'm on sponsored plus I really should be taking advantage of the extra space. XD So - Lezard and Mystina. (I tried to include Lenneth, but alas, had to cut her out; icon was too hard to see who the For geeked out entries. Or VP ones. I have a feeling I'll be using them a lot. <3 Especially since Silmaria is coming out soon. I really hope Lezard and Mystina will be in it. They had such a delightful chemistry in the first one; their scenes were easily the best ones, for me. <3

They also easily get the best lines:

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My, this entry is getting long and rambly. I started this at midnight and it's damn close to 3:30 now. X_X So I think I'll just announce the rest briefly:

- Finally got screencapping to work. You want anything snatched from a PS 1/2 game, give me a bit of time and I'll do it, if I have the game (I'll try to edit in a list later; too tired now. If it's in my interests or I've talked about it in the past, I've probably owned it.). Especially Suikoden V, ie the Game That Ate My Memory Card. I think I have approx. 900 thousand saves on that game. *dies* I have a savepoint near every major point in the game, I think. It's worse than S3 where I had 1 for every choosable main, one for Luc, and one for the point right before you choose who gets to be FC.

- Does anyone else find themselves suddenly interested in characters even if they've had like 2 minites, if that, of development? I find myself doing that with Maha Sparna this time around. Collapse )

- Does anyone else with sponsored plus OR those without it looking at my journal see two advertisement things now? I could have sworn yesterday there was just one, but now is says advertisement twice on the page. Are there two ads now? X_X

Good lord it's 4AM. I need to go to bed.
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Layout Changes

Sponsored + made my old layout look weird, and, well, I was getting tired of blue anyway, so I switched over to a dark red. Which is nice. I like dark reds. I wish I knew how to edit that damn blurb out, though; I can't get it to recognize HTML or be otherwise formattable, making it useless to me. I'm not sure how long this layout will stick, but right now, I'm rather fond of it. I quite like reds. Heh, I guess it's appropriate, since according to my horoscope, they are my color. :D The ads aren't annoying me, but if they're particularily annoying to everyone else, I'll stop using this level, I suppose. ^^' Oh, yes, and do ignore the June 1st entry - it's my private testing box for this layout. ^^'

But for now, let's see what other kind of nifty things this level has been hiding....

Now that I've got more userpic space, though, I'm not quite sure how I'll fill that up. I've seen some cute S5 icons I wouldn't mind using, but...I dunno, is it too soon? I still spoiler-cut SV info, and I know there are some people on my friend's list who haven't played it yet. But the character art itself isn't dreadfully spoiley. Not sure what I'll do.

Today's been a slow day, but I find that hasn't been a bad thing. I think I figured out for sure one of my cables for my tv tuner got damaged in the move, which is ...probably the best thing that could have gone wrong, since it'd be the cheapest to replace. Which is also good, since ever since I started playing Suikoden 2, I've been wanting an avatar of Collapse )

I also came up with what I believe is the best excuse ever today in answer to the question "Can't you get that?"

And that excuse, ladies and gentlemen, is this: "No! My hands are full of meat!"

...Hmm. You may have had to be there.
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4 things I loved, hated, and was confused by in X-men 3: The Last Stand.

First, the spoiler-free review: Xmen 3: The Last Stand is a movie I'm pretty split on. Part of me liked it; part of me didn't, and part of me was pretty boggled by it. I'm not comparing it to the comics, as I think the movies are in an entirely different universe, and thus the comparison isn't really apt. (Besides, I don't have a strong-enough background in either the comics to really discuss them indepth; I was more of a casual fan than anything else. I liked the cartoon more.) I thought it was a good summer popcorn movie, and certainly a nice way to escape the horrible heat, but on the other hand…I had quite a few problems with it as a picture. It's certainly not the strongest X-men - that's still X2 - but I'm not sure if it's the worst.

And now, for the spoilers:

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Suikoden V, Round 2

So....I started my second run through of Suikoden V. So far it's going well, save that I'm having a damnable time getting the Ps2 to connect with dscaler X_X. I'm just hitting the end of the introduction and getting into the real meat of the game. But I'm not going to do everything the same way - this time, I'm going to be taking a ...different approach to recruiting characters. Something I've never done before. It's a wee bit depressing, though.

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WTF, Viki, uhm..., whoops!, isn&#39;t that strange?

Lezard Valeth and Ernest Raviede = ?!

To start with: I am not crazy. I think.

So...Something has been irking me for a while about the design of one of my favorite characters in Suikoden V. I know I'd seen something like it before, but I just couldn't place it. And then, looking through some Tri-Ace artwork in a videogame gallery today, it hit me like a ton of bricks:

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GIP: "Look at your globe. Pick a spot. It's always morning somewhere."

New icon. My interest in .hack has waned, and azurefire got me thinking about Carmen Sandiego, and lo and behold, I felt the urge to make a Carmen icon. So I did. And so she is.

Once I overheard someone complaining about the people kids hold up as role models these days, and wondering whether kids would commit the bad behavior from things like GTA, ganstra music, etc. To which I say, well, my role model as a child was Carmen Sandiego, and wahey, I haven't been tempted to steal any famous landmarks.

...Though the Eiffel Tower would look great next to my window...I bet it catches light magnificently.

In other news, I have to admit, I'm kind of tempted to move over to sponsored +. New userpics and features would be nice, but I don't know how I feel about the advertising. On one hand, I won't see it, since adblock pretty much takes just about all the advertising on the internets away, but I'm not sure I want someone's first impression of my lj to be "ADS ADS ADS LOL". And obviously, I don't want anyone nice enough to leave a comment be bombared with ads in the process of doing so! I might just switch it over to see how invasive it is.

I'm also going to be redesigning my journal soon. I've gotten bored with the blue, and, well, the "friendly company" atmosphere is kind of, uhm, weirding me out since it was pointed out. So...change! I think I will go back to reds. I like red. And it goes looks good with Carmen. Probably change some of my other icons as well, as I've had a couple of them up forever.

I'm also slowly working through the drabbles and will have what I believe can properly be called a "glut" of them up by tomorrow night. If you'd still like to request, please do, as I enjoy working on them.
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I miss those happy music days.

I am very tired, so short entry. My finals are over. :D Now just to wait until grades come out next Wednesday.

For those of ye who have been waiting on a drabble, I've been working on them, and will be finished quite soon - most should be up tomorrow, or, at worst, the day after tomorrow. (Quickest turnaround time ever, for me!)

And if you haven't requested one, please do!. I'm having fun doing them and really would like some more requests to work on. ^_^ Hell, ask for another one if you've gotten one already. So long as it's consensual and not something I'd get arrested for writing, I'm pretty much game for everything. :D

The Spice Girl's movie Spiceworld is on TV right now. Is it sad I kind of miss the Spice Girls? Say what you will about their music - yeah, none of them probably could sing without protools - but at least it was catchy and happy and celebratory, even. Now the pop charts are just dominated by a bunch of screaming emo-boys who write trite lyrics to sluggish songs and the only alternative are hip hop songs where every woman is a whore and every man is a ganster and the whole message is "I am bigger and badder than you."

And I'm so tired of them both. Say what you will about the gleeful pop on the radio, but at least it made the commute to school/work a hell of a lot happier. It's fun to sing along and dance around to "Baby Got Back" or "If You Wanna Be My Lover"; 50 cent and Nich Lachey? Not so much.
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Request a drabble?

2 down, 3 to go. Not much happening beyond finals studying. I caved in and bought myself a copy of A Short History of Myth as a present. Looks interesting. I've heard a couple people say good things about Karen Armstrong, so hopefully it'll be a book to enjoy. It looks pretty light, though. (Or at least as light as a book can be that still deals with faith(s) in a serious, hopefully indepth way.) but since it's a book I'm reading finals week, I don't mind.

Also, a meme, stolen from many people (wording's from yubberducky, though):

The first 15 people Whoever would like to can comment on this post to request a drabble from you. In return, they have to post this in their journal and write a drabble for you. Post all fandoms you're willing to write for.

Your friends can pick a relationship, a story arc, a missing scene, or pretty much anything they want, unless the author has previously mentioned that they will not write it. They comment with what they want, and you write drabbles and post it in your LiveJournal.

Fandoms I'm willing to draw (unless you love stick figures or really abstract art) write about:

Suikoden I-V, +Rhapsodia
Shadow Hearts I & II
Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy VI-X (don't ask me about X-2. Please.)
Star Wars - movies
Star wars - KOTOR I and II.
Xenogears (I can't do 'saga, beyond episode I.)
Dynasty Warriors
mythology (I'm best with Greek/Roman/Egyptian/Norse)

I'll write pretty much anything consensual that isn't illegal.

I will try to get these out somewhat fast. Considering I shall likely have a lot of freetime for a short bit soon, this will hopefully not quite be so delayed. And I really, really would like to try some requests. ^_^; So, uh...please request stuff? :D